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House Rules for Wewelsburg District Museum

I. Scope

The Wewelsburg District Museum is a public institution of the Paderborn District. 

The area of the museum encompasses the whole building of Wewelsburg Castle, except of the area of the German Youth Hostel Association. Furthermore, the museum area includes the whole former guard building, the administrative and magazine building, as well as the exterior area located between the castle and the former guard building including the castle's garden.

By entering the museum area, visitors acknowledge the following rules and regulations and agree to adhere to them.

II. Visitors' behaviour

he collections in the exhibition rooms can be viewed by visitors during opening times. The prices for admission and other fees are specified by the fee schedule for the Wewelsburg District Museum in its respective applicable version.

In select cases, upon request, explanations regarding the displayed exhibits can be provided by the museum's scientific and pedagogic personnel during business hours. Visitors are not entitled to an explanation of the exhibition by the supervisory staff. Guided group tours are carried out only upon prior registration at the museum's secretary office (Tel. +49 (0)2955 7622-0, info@wewelsburg.de).

Guided group tours under the guidance of a third party are permitted upon prior written approval by the museum's management. The museum's visitors must behave such that no other visitors are hindered or inconvenienced. Express reference is made to the special rules and regulation in Section III. In addition, care must be taken that items of the collections and furnishings are neither damaged nor soiled nor destroyed or stolen. Unless marked otherwise, exhibited objects must not be touched.

In accordance with the applicable provisions of the German Civil Code, visitors are liable to the full extent for any damages they are causing. This shall, in particular, apply to intentional or negligent damages to exhibits as well as to the unjustified triggering of alarms and emergency facilities. People with supervisory function such as parents or group leaders shall, in the context of their obligation to supervise, be liable for the enforcement of the House Rules towards the people they are accompanying.

A ban on smoking is in effect in all enclosed spaces. Stairways and escape routes must be kept clear.

The taking of pictures and filming of the exhibits as well as of the museum’s facilities is permitted only without flash and only for private use. Capturing any images of the two former SS rooms in the North Tower of Wewelsburg Castle, which are subject to special protection interests, is not allowed as a matter of principle. Prior written approval by the museum’s management must be obtained in advance at +49 (0)2955 7622-0 or info@wewelsburg.de for

  • any capturing of images that do not exclusively serve private purposes but are rather serving journalistic, business or commercial purposes;
  • the capturing of images by means of drones or other flight vehicles on the museum’s grounds.
The taking along of animals – other than seeing-eye dogs – as well as the taking along of foods and beverages is prohibited. Larger implements brought along (umbrellas, sticks, suitcases, bags, back packs, skateboards, etc.) must be stored in the existing lockers before visiting the exhibition. Walking aids and similar may be brought along.

To the extent possible, the supervisory personnel may – in exceptional cases – also take articles into safekeeping. When in doubt, said personnel's instructions must be adhered to. No liability is accepted for any and all articles and valuables that are in safekeeping or in the lockers.

III. Special rules and regulations

As a warning to the living and in commemoration of the victims of the Niederhagen Concentration Camp, the "Wewelsburg 1933 − 1945" Memorial Site was established as an institution of the District Museum.

Due to this particular dedication purpose, visitors in the whole museum area are prohibited from uttering spoken, written or gesticulated extreme right-wing, racist, anti-Semitic and sexist remarks.

It is also prohibited to disparage in speech, writing or gesticular form human freedom and dignity (Art. 1 German Constitution) as well as to use markings and symbols that are in the spirit of unconstitutional or anti-constitutional organisations or representing those. In particular, the open wearing of any and all extreme right-wing markings is not allowed.

Memorial and other public events as well as the display and distribution of information material, pictures or placards on the museum's ground and in the museum's rooms require prior approval by the museum's management.

IV. Exercising of House Rules

The exhibition rooms are permanently monitored during opening times. The supervisory personnel is authorised to document what is going on on the whole museum grounds with additional technical aids (e.g. photo/video cameras).

Visitors must follow the orders of the supervisory personnel issued for adherence to the aforementioned rules and regulations. In case of violations of the orders of the personnel or of the aforementioned rules and regulations, visitors can be temporarily barred by the supervisory personnel from the further visit of the respective exhibition or from the entire museum grounds.

In particularly severe cases, visitors may be subject to an indefinite ban from select areas or from the entire museum grounds pronounced by the museum's management. This shall, in particular, apply in case of repeated misbehaviour as well as theft or vandalism.

In case of overcrowding or due to special reasons (e.g. water damage), visitor traffic can be barred in part or in whole from the museum by order to the museum's management.

In cases in which House Rules are exercised, a reimbursement of admissions or other fees is excluded.

These House Rules are effective as of 01 Apr 2021.
The previous House Rules dated 01 Jan 2016 become null and void at the same date.

Paderborn, this 31 Mar 2021

Christoph Rüther
District Administrator of the Paderborn District

Wewelsburg District Museum

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