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Historical Museum of the Prince-Bishopric of Paderborn
Museum regarding the history of the Prince-Bishopric

Wewelsburg castle, formerly the castle of the Prince Bishops of Paderborn, is home to a Museum on the History of the Prince Bishopric. The museum contains twenty-nine rooms and covers three floors (four in the southeast tower). Despite the old building’s complex design, all but two of the rooms are accessible with wheelchairs. Visitors should allow themselves at least an hour to go round the entire museum.

Enjoy Wewelsburg Castle as a destination for your sunday´s excursion! Discover the hiking trails that lead you to Wewelsburg through the beautiful landscape of Paderborn Land. Or enjoy the lovely bike trail through Alme Valley from Paderborn or Büren. 

We are looking forward welcoming you in Wewelsburg Castle!



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