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Origin of the Exhibition

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Origin of the Exhibition

In 1982 the first contemporary history exhibition was opened under the name „Wewelsburg 1933-1945: Culture and Terror site of the SS” in the former guard house; it handled exclusively with local layout of the history of Wewelsburg and the local concentration camp. This narrow view needed expanding, and the 1990s development started on finding a new focus for the museum. The new goal was to find a new concept in which the exhibition delved into the history of what Wewelsburg meant for the SS, and it was widely supported. The account of the SS and the memories of the concentration camp have been funded by many European organizations as well as the federal government, North-Rhine Wesphalia, the district of Paderborn and the National Center for Civic Education.

The beginning of the new conception started in 2000 with the „ Planning Workshop of Culture Memory” under patronage of the then current president of the Central Council of   Jews in Germany, Paul Spiegel. Out of this, the project developed a new philosophy in October 2003 under direction of the Wewelsburg museum leader Wulff E. Brebeck. In Summer 2005, a scientific symposium on the topic "Wewelsburg and the SS" with international participation took place at the Wewelsburg Castle with positive reviews. That same year, the architecture office Ikon from Hanover was given the project to create a new permanent display.

After several years of research and compiling displays, a new administrative building was constructed and the former SS guard house was cleared out and renovated in anticipation of the new exhibit. The exhibition was opened with a ceremony on April 15, 2010 with over 850 ms² and a brand new display following the entire story of the SS and its crimes.

Furnishing of the new exhibition

Furnishing of the new exhibition

First guided tour on inauguration day, April 15th 2010

Deputy Museum Manager Kirsten John-Stucke during the first guided tour on inauguration day, April 15th 2010, among others with Dr. Charlotte Knobloch (president of the Council of Jews in Germany), Manfred Müller (Paderborn District Administrator) and Dr. Wolfgang Kirsch (Director of the Regioanel Association of  Westphalia-Lippe)

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