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Learning Center

Kreismuseum Wewelsburg

Burgwall 19
D-33142 Büren-Wewelsburg
Tel.: 0049-(0) 2955/ 7622-0
Fax: 0049-(0) 2955/ 7622-22
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Learning Center

A special highlight of Wewelsburg Memorial Museum´s educational program is the Learning Center, sponsored by the European Union (leader+). An interactive Mediastation containing multilingual PC terminals can be used here by school groups and other groups.

This mediastation focuses on the variety of the SS persecution apparatus in Europe during the Nazi-Regime. During the period of National Socialism, even in Wewelsburg, formerely a small and clear village, european history manifested itself: people with totally different fates, but with one biographically mutuality came unintentionally together in Wewelsburg: the inhuman and brutal persecution by SS and Nazi thugs.

By dealing with individual persons and fates in the Learning Center, the scale of persecution becomes comprehensible. What did it mean to come to Wewelsburg as a prisoner of the SS? How did the concentration camp inmates experienced the extreme situation of their forced labour? How frnech prisoners of war were treated in the village? What was it like being deportated to Wewelsburg as a "Volksdeutscher" (german minority in other european countries)? How did polish slave workers experienced their liberation and the postwar-period?

Interviews with contemporary witnesses which were made in their countries of origin are the main source that´s being used in the Learning Center. Also the thoughts and opinions of the second or third generation give a lot of impetus to think about the experiences of the history of the own family, especially to young people.

The multilingual mediastation (german, english, french, polish) allows several groups of visitors from different countries (as there are student groups from the age of 14 and older, adolescents, pupils in exchange programs etc.) a profound and interesting access to contemporary german and european history. The work in our Learning Center animates important debates and exchanges of views about values, actual european politic and themes like human rights, asylum policy or racism.

Do you have any further questions about using our Learning Center or do you want to arrange a visit to Wewelsburg for your group or school class? Please call us:    Tel 0049 / (0) 2955 / 7622-0.

For all information on our Learning Center and booking please call Tel 0049 / (0) 2955 / 7622-0.

Learning Center
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