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An Entertaining Tour

Kreismuseum Wewelsburg

Burgwall 19
D-33142 Büren-Wewelsburg
Tel.: 0049-(0) 2955/ 7622-0
Fax: 0049-(0) 2955/ 7622-22
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Guided Tours

An Entertaining Tour

A group guided tour round the Historical Museum of the Prince Bishopric of Paderborn
On our long informative tour through the history of Paderborn Land in centuries past, you will experience Wewelsburg District Museum as an exciting historical setting.
Group size: 10 to 25 people (max.)
For visitors aged 12 and older
Duration: at least 1 hr. 30 min.
Guided tours cost between 40 € (in german language) and 50 € (in english language).

Beside this guided tour, Wewelsburg District Museums offers several other tours dealing with the different themes of the permanent exhibition in the Historical Museum of the Prince Bishopric of Paderborn.
To obtain information or register please call 0049/ (0)2955 / 7622-0.

From the Stone Age Tomb to the Triangular Castle – an Entertaining Tour of the Permanent Exhibition

An all-year programme for adults and families

On this tour of the museum, our tour guides examine the history of the Paderborner Land from the Stone Age to the abolition of the Prince Bishopric in 1802. One of the tour highlights presents the origins of the Wewelsburg: a unique triangular castle.
We shall closely examining all levels of society: from the first estate and the clergy to the poor and the socially excluded strata. We shall also be looking at the spheres of activity of the early-modern state, ranging from running jails to promoting trades and industry. Fascinating historical structures such as the historical witch's cellar, an original piece of the old “Hellweg” and the unique sacred art treasures dating from the Baroque period, create a vivid impression of life in Paderborner Land during the past few centuries.

Info Duration: ca. 1.5 hrs.
Price: 50 € plus admission per person
To apply, please call 02955 / 7622-0
Our half-yearly programme provides information, in English, on the dates of our public guided tours.

Life in the Castle An all-year programme for groups of pupils

For pupils in school years 1 – 6

The museum's educational programme “Life in the Castle” offers pupils in elementary schools, as well in classes 5 and 6, exciting glimpses into the lives of the knights and many of other aspects of life in the Middle Ages.
When pupils examine the exhibits in the permanent exhibition and the countless materials it contains, they discover which items of clothing went into making a genuine suit of armour, which duties and ideals a knight  followed, what everyday life was like at the castle, and what people ate, drank and played there. And, of course, they learn all about the purpose of a knight's castle and its structure, why the knights died out in the end, and why their castles fell into ruin.
At the end of the tour, participants have an opportunity to win a Castle Researcher's Diploma and to unearth a treasure by applying the knowledge they have acquired.
On request, the blacksmith will demonstrate his craft in
the museum in the old Bleiwäsche Smithy, which has
been faithfully restored to its original state.

Duration: ca. 2.5 hrs.
(with a break), without a treasure hunt: 1.5 h;
forge demonstration: ca. 45 min.
Price: 45 €, plus admission per person (1 €),
with a treasury hunt: 50 €, smith's presentation: 35 €
For infos and admission details please call 02955 / 7622-0

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